Wed. Oct 4th, 2023

Exactly 81 years after Mahatma Gandhi was focused by the British Police on the Quit India Day, (August 9, 1942), his great-grandson Tushar A. Gandhi suffered an analogous destiny, right here on Wednesday.

Around daybreak, as Tushar ready to go to the historic August Kranti Maidan in south Mumbai to pay homage to the Martyrs of the Quit India Movement, he was halted in his tracks by the Santacruz Police proper exterior his dwelling.

“As I was leaving to commemorate August Kranti Day, the Santacruz Police Station stopped and detained me, citing ‘law and order’… I am currently at the Santacruz Police Station, ” Tushar Gandhi instructed IANS.

This is the primary time ever in his life that Tushar Gandhi has been subjected to such motion by the police who waited exterior his home, since late final night time.

“I am very happy as Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba (Bapu and Ba) were also detained on this historic date by the colonial British Police… I am proud, ” Tushar Gandhi added.

He mentioned that he was not served any advance discover like another Gandhians and organisations planning to go to August Kranti Maidan as we speak to mark the Quit India Day, nor has he been slapped with any fees.

“I am just made to sit here… They are treating me very cordially… Apparently, it’s under the orders of the Commissioner of Police… As soon as I am allowed to leave, I shall definitely commemorate August Kranti Day and its Martyrs, ” declared Tushar Gandhi.

This morning, the revamped August Kranti Maidan was the venue for a brand new marketing campaign ‘Meri Maati, Mera Desh’ with Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Deputy CMs Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar, and others, with tight safety and site visitors restrictions within the neighborhood.


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