Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

The Aam Aadmi Party introduced the culture of free revdi for the first time in the Indian politics which is neither being eaten nor swallowed by them (BJP), said Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal while addressing the party’s first ever Rashtriya Janpratinidhi Sammelan held in the capital city here on Sunday.

Without taking any names, he said further that they say that this will increase the debt on the government. “Gujarat and Punjab have a debt of Rs 3.5 lakh crore, but the governments there did not give anything for free. Everything is free in Delhi, yet there is no debt, ” he asked.

Talking about his party’s rising presence nationwide, Kejriwal said that the four things which people like about Aam Aadmi Party are – AAP’s honesty, education, health services and freebies.

“Those who say that there should be no free ki revdi, are dishonest and corrupt leader. Together they want to crush the Aam Aadmi Party. Total 169 cases were filed against AAP leaders, none was punished, and AAP leaders have been acquitted in 135 cases, ” the AAP chief said.

For the first time, all elected representatives of the Aam Aadmi Party across the nation met at Rashtriya Janpratinidhi Sammelan on Saturday. The national meeting of all elected representatives has been called to discuss the way to strengthen the party organisation.

“The Constitution was adopted by the Constituent Assembly on November 26, 1949. In 60 years, the leaders of these parties blew up the rags of that Constitution, then God had to come in the middle and exactly 63 years later, on November 26, 2012, the Aam Aadmi Party was formed. Today we have 1, 446 public representatives in 20 states and Union Territories, ” said Kejriwal.

These include MLAs, MPs, Zilla Panchayat members, he said further, adding that these were seeds which have become a tree now. This seed has become a tree in Delhi and Punjab, now this tree is going to be made in Gujarat too, he stated.

While talking about ongoing face-off between Centre and Delhi govt, he said, “Hiren Joshi is the media advisor of the Prime Minister Office who threatens media. Stop this bullying, everyone has kept screen shots and recordings. If someone may issue that evidence, it will create problems.” He said that India will not become a world guru by speaking abroad, it will be made by building schools and imparting education.

Talking about allegations made against AAP MLAs, Kejriwal said “If Satyendar Jain had been in any other country, he would have been given the Bharat Ratna. The man gave Mohalla clinics, free electricity and free treatment. After nothing came out in three courts against him, now they are saying change the judge.”

“They raided Manish Sisodia’s house alleging liquor scam of Rs 144 crore. But, nothing came out. Yesterday, they caught Amanatullah Khan, ” he added hitting at the Centre.

They will put everyone in jail, prepare to go to jail for 3-4 months, they cannot harm you. Jail is not that bad, even I have come spending 15 days there. If everyone gets this courage, then they can’t do anything, added Delhi Chief Minister in his address to party’s representatives.

“If the issues of education, health, women’s security, farmers’ income, employment and infrastructure are fixed, no one can stop India from becoming the number one country in the world. We have to make an alliance of 130 crore people, ” he concluded.

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