Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Ahmedabad:   AAP chief and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday promised that if voted to power, his party will provide Rs 1, 000 monthly allowance to Gujarat women.

Gujarat is slated to go to polls in the year end and Kejriwal has been announcing slew of “gurantees” to woo electorate.

Addressing a meeting here, Kejriwal said, “If a mother wants to give gift to her visiting daughter, she has to look at either her husband or son. Only if they give her money, she can give gift to her daughter, but if she will have Rs 1, 000 in hand, she will not be dependent on male members of the family.”

“If Rs 1, 000 is given to each women, and if there are lakhs of beneficiaries, the amount will turn into crores, which will be back into economy by one or the other mode, whereas if the same amount (crores of rupees) is given to one industrial unit or corporate house as loan, neither it will generate enough employment, nor all money is going to come back in the economy, so it is better to give money more hands, ” he claimed.

Kejriwal has also promised to increase pay grade of police personnel.

“I have learnt that Gujarat Police pay grade is the lowest compared to other states, I have received a letter written by police personnel’s daughter requesting to take up the pay grade issue. This indicates that people have a lot of hope from AAP.”

During his day-long visit, he also promised Rs 3, 000 monthly unemployment allowance.

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