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New Delhi: SKM appeal the farmers to make 5th September rally at Muzaffarnagar a massive show of protest
Pledge to expand and intensify the movement to every village and corner of the country
The All India Convention of Samyukt Kisan Morcha concluded today after unanimously giving a clarion call to expand and intensify its agitation to every village and corner of the country and to call for a one day Bharat Bandh on 25th of September, 2021. It also called upon the farmers to make full efforts to make the SKM rally at Muzaffarnagar a massive show of protest.
Encouraging the 90 speakers from various farmers, agriculture workers, trade unions, women, students, youth, traders bodies with clenched fists thumping the air, the 2000 odd delegates raised slogans calling for repeal of the 3 farm acts, for legal guarantee of purchase of all agriculture produce at MSP of C2+50%, for repeal the new Electricity Bill and ban prosecution of farmers in the name of Air Quality in NCR.
The gathering also repeatedly raised slogans against communal attacks on minorities and sale of country’s natural assets and public sector to the Corporate and MNCs. Resolutions on these and related subjects were approved.
Summing up the views expressed in the Convention, the Convenor of the Organizing Committee, Dr. Ashish Mital said it is quite obvious that today the entire farming community is forced to fight a govt serving Corporate and MNC control over all aspects of agriculture, food storage and marketing. The changes being instituted will lead to wide spread increase in farmer debts, suicides and displacement from land.
But this attack is not limited to farmers and agriculture labour. It is an all round attack on all sections of India’s working people. The country’s assets, meant to ensure the growth of the country, to provide employment and security to its people, like Railways, Power Transmission lines, Natural gas resources, Telecom projects, food storage, Insurance, Banks are being sold. There is an attack on the basic rights of industrial workers through the 4 labour codes. Welfare and service sector for the poor, particularly subsidies and PDS are under target. Prices of essential items, particularly fuel is being raised steeply. Govt health services and education sector is being privatized and growth in them is dominated by Corporate. In the name of growth of economy, each and every aspect of human life is being monetized to help profit growth of the Corporate, under the garb of Hindutwa which serves to numb the consciousness of people, and by terrorizing the common people through fascist attacks on their freedom.
This historic farmers struggle, which has challenged the govt’s attack on them, is not just a fight for their own survival. It serves to save the country from being taken over completely by Indian and foreign Corporates. It is to a path of actual self-dependent growth, which safeguards the life and livelihood of its patriotic citizens. It has inspired confidence of crores and will continue to do so in coming days.
This Convention discussed the three laws, the demand for MSP and others and approved a detailed resolution on each aspect. It called upon farmers to form state/ district SKM units and build struggles in states and districts along with all supporting organizations, hold conventions, rallies, oppose toll extractions and protest against BJP and NDA leaders for refusing to accept the patriotic demands of the farmers of India.
The Convention observed that while farmers had built a massive, democratic and peaceful movement to make the govt see reason, in its blind commitment to serve the interests of Corporate profits, the Govt has stubbornly refused to relent.
The Convention concluded that all proposals of changes to ‘solve’ the issue, advanced by the Govt provide no relief to the farmers’ apprehension of Corporate takeover of agriculture, loss of their land and livelihood and damage to the Environment, Ecology and Biodiversity of India.
It exhorted the farmers to continue their peaceful protests despite all provocations by the RSS-BJP, the govt making baseless and false charges, false implication under draconian laws to inspire citizens to save the country from loot and plunder.
The Convention observed that this movement has done a monumental job in uniting people across religions, castes and regions and has inspired confidence and participation of the most oppressed sections in building of a self relaint India, sans Corporate loot.

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