Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

 Punjab Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu on Sunday said, as the farmers rejoiced in their victory against three agricultural laws, the real work has just begun with Centre’s sinister plan to end the minimum support price (MSP).

He said there is proposal to end food security for the poor and government procurement.

In a series of tweets, Sidhu said, “Today, as we rejoice in our victory against Centre’s three black laws… Our real work has just begun, Centre’s sinister plan to end MSP, end food security for the poor, end govt procurement & end PDS will continue without the farm laws, it will be now hidden & more dangerous.”

He added, “Centre’s design to give procurement, storage and retail to private capital is still ongoing… No word by Centre for MSP legalisation, we are back to June 2020, small farmers need Punjab govt’s support to protect them from corporate takeover — Punjab Model is the only way!!”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced the government’s decision to withdraw the three farm laws, saying the constitutional process to do so would be completed in the upcoming winter session of Parliament.

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