Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has questioned the state Congress government for not arresting member of the Badal family and former minister Bikram Singh Majithia, in a multi-crore drug case. AAP has asked the Channi government why they have failed to catch Bikram Majithia. While in the newspapers Chief Minister Charanjit Singh Channi and Congress President Navjot Singh Sidhu were promoting the FIR against Majithia as if they had won the Trojan war. Channi and Sidhu should clarify whether their action in the drug mafia case was limited to just an FIR and few statements?

Harpal Singh Cheema, a senior AAP leader and Leader of the Opposition, in a statement issued from the party headquarters on Thursday, slammed the Channi government and questioned its poor performance against the drug mafia. He said, “Bikram Majithia is not just a nobody who vanished beyond the police or government radar. How and where can he take refuge that STF and SIT including cyber cell would fail to track him. It would not be possible without government protection.” He further said that we have been saying from day one that the FIR against Majithia was just a political ploy by the Congress government for their own political gains by fooling the people about their intentions regarding drug mafia in the state.

The Leader of the Opposition condemned the Congress government and its leaders, for beating the drum after just one FIR saying, “Captain, Congress, including the BJP at the Centre, are patronizing these big drug lords. They are advertising it as if they have won the whole war against drugs even though they have not been able to arrest Majithia yet and drugs rackets are still working non-stop. ” He further doubted that this new Navjot Singh Sidhu’s favourite AG is same as the previous AGs who took no actions against such politicians, because it seems like they’re waiting for Majithia to get bail through his anticipatory bail plea.

Harpal Cheema has again demanded an answer from the Congress on its so much delayed action as to why they kept lying for three years when the report was prepared in 2018. They kept on saying that the report was in a sealed envelope in the High Court when there was no such legal notice or instruction that stpped them from opening that envelop, making it public or taking an action based on it. He said that even now in this cycle of political drama Congress was squandering crores of tax money of people of Punjab because on one hand government was bringing expensive lawyers from Delhi and on the other hand Majithia, who was using money of people that he’d looted through government collusion and 10 years mafia rule. The resultant is simply that they all are just looting the people of Punjab, which can only be described as the misfortune of Punjab and Punjabis. Harpal Singh Cheema demanded transparency in the whole matter and said that the Channi government should tell the people in clear terms what properties of Majithia have been raided so far, how many crores or billions of rupees, real estate and legal – illegal possessions have been discovered? Because when money is being used from Punjab exchequer, then the people of Punjab also deserve an answer.

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