New Delhi:   Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday asked Union Ministers to come well-prepared for the Monsoon session of the Parliament, sources said.

The Prime Minister chaired a meeting of the Council of Ministers ahead of the Monsoon session starting from July 19. This was the second meeting of the Council of Ministers after the reshuffle of the Union Cabinet on July 7.

Earlier in the day, he chaired a meeting of the Union Cabinet.

“The Prime Minister advised the ministers to also prepare for parliamentary questions so that they can be able to answer any questions. He also advised the minister to learn parliamentary procedure, ” a source said.

It is learnt that a presentation was made for new ministers to understand parliamentary procedure like how to introduce bills in the house.

Sources also said that the Prime Minister asked the ministers to ensure maximum attendance and spend time inside the house.

He also asked the Ministers of State to keep themselves updated about work of their ministry by coordinating with their Cabinet Minister.

On July 8, in the first meeting of the Council of Ministers after the reshuffle, the Prime Minister advised new ministers to learn from the experience of those who are no longer part of the Council of Ministers and benefit from their experience.

“In the last meeting, the Prime Minister had told the ministers to carefully choose their words and avoid making unnecessary comments in the media, ” a source said.

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