The notification for inclusion of Sikh Rajputs in backward categories was issued on 15.12.2016 by Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, leader of the Shiromani Akali Dal (B) government, to win the Sahnewal seat in the Vidhan Sabha. Because this whole scheme was created to please the  assembly seat  Sahnewal and some castes of Machiwada etc., who propagate themselves as Rajputs. Whereas the Kshatriya Sikh Rajputs never made any such demand from any government, nor did the Badal government did any survey to confirm  OBC status to the Kshatriya Rajputs. It wasn’t  considered necessary to conduct a survey related to the demand for inclusion in it. We feel humiliated with this decision of the then Badal Government. Because Rajputs have a proud history of their own. Then how can Rajput community be a backward category? We have already requested to cancel the notification by sending memorandum in this regard but till date no action has been taken. Kshatriya Sikh Rajput brotherhood holds its own identity not only in Punjab but all over the world. Kshatriya Sikh Rajputs living abroad also feel the pain of being called backward category. We the Vishwa Doaba Rajput Sabha are satisfied and the group Kshatriya Sikh Rajput Brotherhood, disobeying this decision, strongly demand from the Captain Amarinder Singh’s Government of Punjab that we should be kept in the General category only. We reject the decision to be included in the backward category because with this decision we feel insulted because with this notification the Kshatriya Sikh and Kshatriya Hindu Rajput brotherhood has also been torn apart. Present  today were  Balbir Singh Fuglana in today’s press conference, Sukhjit Singh Parmar, Arvind Singh Parmar, Manna Singh Manhas Tarlochan Singh Janjua Santokh Singh Janjua Paramjit Singh Kalyan, Varinder Singh Parihar and Ravinder Pal Singh Khalsa member SGPC were also present.

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