The Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB) has penalised industrial autos (CV) maker SML Isuzu of Rs 5 lakh for violation of some provisions of the surroundings safety legal guidelines.

According to SML Isuzu, the PPCB has imposed a penalty of Rs 5 lakh by encashing the financial institution assure mendacity with it and has requested the CV maker has to adjust to the observations of the PPCB inside 15 days and submit the compliance report. The firm obtained the order/instructions from the PPCB on Friday.

Some of the observations of the PPCB, as per SML Isuzu, are: the storage facility just isn’t satisfactory to retailer hazardous waste for 1 to three years, and was discovered with out roof, lock and key and in combined kind with strong waste; within the bus physique plant, the primer coat part is having mechanical ground lure system, which doesn’t appear to be acceptable to entrap positive matter; and the sanding can be being carried out in open which is inflicting emissions into open environment.

The environmental physique additionally noticed that the FRP (fibre bolstered polymer) manufacturing course of was not having any emission management or therapy system, and separate measuring units haven’t been supplied with the waste water strains.

The PPCB additional identified that no oil and grease lure has been offered on the inlet of the therapy plant.

According to SML Isuzu, it has taken acceptable actions towards the observations of the PPCB.

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