Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met with 15 labourers working with the Delhi Jal Board (DJB), who performed an instrumental function in making the Uttarkashi Tunnel operation profitable.

Expressing his admiration, Kejriwal acknowledged their dedication, stating, “You risked your lives, worked tirelessly day and night, and rescued 41 people trapped in the tunnel. Today, the world is often self-centred, where people primarily think about themselves and their families. In such a context, individuals like you stand out. The courageous efforts you’ve undertaken are being recognised nationwide. The entire country is currently applauding your relentless day-and-night work to save those lives.”

The Chief Minister took delight in the truth that these people, who’ve been a part of the DJB for a few years, hail from Delhi.

He expressed his delight at having the chance to sit down and work together with the 15 labourers over tea upon their return from Uttarkashi to Delhi.

During the interplay, the labourers supplied detailed insights to Kejriwal concerning the challenges they confronted whereas reaching the 41 people trapped within the tunnel. They described the extreme warmth generated by the American auger machine and the extreme warmth of the rods they needed to lower.

“With an inch-by-inch distance between them, cutting through was highly challenging. Despite the extreme heat, we cut through all the auger rods, working continuously for 36 hours without sleep or rest until we reached the trapped individuals. We never lost courage, risking our lives to save others and contributing to the well-being of Delhi and our country. We take pride in our actions, ” they shared.

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