Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Chandigarh- Haryana Deputy Chief Minister, Sh. Dushyant Chautala, inaugurated and laid the muse stones for 16 growth initiatives price Rs. 215.65 crores in Fatehabad district in the present day. These initiatives embrace 7 within the Fatehabad meeting constituency, 5 within the Ratia meeting constituency, and 4 within the Tohana meeting constituency. Panchayat and Development Minister, Sh. Devender Singh Babli was additionally current on this event.

Sh. Dushyant Chautala laid the muse stones for 3 growth initiatives totalling Rs. 173.10 crores. Under the NABARD scheme, he initiated the strengthening and widening of the 19.65-kilometer Fatehabad-Hanspur highway with an allocation of Rs 19.86 crores, the strengthening and widening of the two.555-kilometer Mamupur to Chuharpur through Nardail highway with Rs 3.60 crores, and the 30.14-kilometer NH148B Surewala Chowk to Haryana-Punjab border with estimated price of Rs. 149.63 crores.

Additionally, he inaugurated 13 growth initiatives price Rs. 42.54 crores, together with the inauguration of the two.20-kilometer newly constructed Beeghad to Kirdhan-Sirdhan highway with Rs 1.69 crores, the two.50-kilometer newly constructed Bhattu-Daid Road to Thuian-Pili Mandori Road with Rs 1.97 crores, and the 1.59-kilometer newly constructed Mamupur to Kundni Head highway with Rs 1.50 crores. Other initiatives embrace the inauguration of the two.28-kilometer Barseen to Dhangar highway with Rs 1.28 crores, the 7.24-kilometer Beeghad to Dhand highway with Rs. 4.09 crores, the 5.70-kilometer Dharnia to Dhand highway with Rs. 3.42 crores, the two.60-kilometer Khan Mohammad to Dhani Thoba highway with Rs. 1.47 crores, the three.04-kilometer Aherwan to Palsar highway with Rs. 1.40 crores, the two.30-kilometer Hizarawan Khurd to Haripura highway with Rs. 1.45 crores, the two.50-kilometer Karnauli to Punjab Border highway with Rs 1.70 crores, the 5.20-kilometer Dehman to Khajuri Jatti through Gorakhpur highway with Rs. 2.64 crores, the 0.90-kilometer Uklana-Bhuna highway to Dhani Gopal highway with Rs. 70 lakhs, and the strengthening and widening of the 21.60-kilometer Tohana-Saniyana highway with Rs. 19.16 crores.

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