PATIALA: Former Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh today said that despite criminal intimidation and arm twisting of councillors, the state government could not pass the vote of no confidence against the Mayor Sanjeev Sharma.

Condemning the high handedness and brutal use of state machinery by the state government just to remove the Mayor, the former Chief Minister cautioned the officers against blindly following the diktats of the government as they will be held accountable by law.

Capt Amarinder said, for passing the vote of no confidence to remove a Mayor, there should be two/third support against the motion. “Despite knowing that they were short of numbers, they tried to forcibly and illegally remove the Mayor”, he said, while pointing out that according to the rules, a Mayor cannot be removed by a simple majority.
The former Chief Minister congratulated the councillors, who firmly stood their ground despite criminal intimidation by the government.

He regretted that the government, which was already on its last leg, with the election Code of Conduct round the corner, was trying to use the state machinery including the police to remove a legally elected Mayor by illegal means.

Capt Amarinder asserted that he will use all the legal and constitutional means available to prevent the illegal action of the government. He sounded a note of caution to officers also telling them with everything getting recorded on cameras, they will be held accountable and answerable in court of law. “This government is there for just a few weeks more, but you have a long career ahead. So don’t invite the wrath of law and strictures and blemish your careers”, he advised the officers.

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