Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Bidar (Karnataka)- Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said for the continuity of the developmental projects and unhindered economic growth of the state, the people should again vote for BJP and ensure a double engine government.

The elections are not about forming a government in the state but about making Karnataka the number one state in the country, he added.

Addressing a huge public rally in Humnabad of Bidar, PM Modi maintained that if India has to emerge as a developed country, there must be a developed Karnataka. The people of the state have suffered enough due to coalition governments. The focus of the coalition government won’t be on the people. When the JD(S)-Congress coalition was there, JD(S)’s loyalty was towards the Congress and not the people.

The development has to reach every corner of the state. “People of Karnataka don’t want to step backwards from their dreams. They want to be with BJP as they want the construction of highways, metro lines, more Vande Bharat trains to run in the state and facilities to every corner of the land. They have seen the speed of development under the BJP rule and want to be with it, ” he said.

To become a number one state, a double engine government is very important. The double power of central and state BJP governments is very much required. BJP attracted Rs 90, 000 crore FDI every year which is three times more against Congress’s Rs 30, 000 crore FDI, he said.

In the absence of a double-engine government, women have realised the difficulties of water scarcity. The pending water projects for decades have been implemented. The Congress-JD(S) government here did not send the list of farmers for the transfer of allowances. It was because they did not have any chance to eat the money as it was transferred directly to the accounts of farmers, he stated.

PM Modi urged the people not to believe in Congress as they have not fulfilled any promises in Rajasthan and Chattisgarh. “If at all the money has been transferred, it is done only to Congress party workers, ” he claimed.

Congress divides societies on caste, religion and creed. It practices appeasement. Shah Rashi Ahmad Khadri of Bidar has been given Padma award by the BJP. Congress only turned blind eye and gave him sorrow. “Gorata, the place where farmers rebelled and fought for India was made a victim of appeasement by the Congress party. The party did not bother to recognize it for the fear of vote bank. The memorial was covered with dust. Now, Shahid Smarak is being built and the Indian flag is installed, ” he said.

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