Thu. Sep 21st, 2023


Chandigarh-The Gatka Federation USA has introduced the appointment of two outstanding people to key positions inside the group and has appointed Pritpal Singh Khalsa as President of Gatka Association New Jersey, whereas journalist Pardeep Singh Gill assumes the function of Press Secretary of the Gatka Federation US.

The appointment letters have been offered to Khalsa and Gill in New Jersey, by the president of World Gatka Federation Harjeet Singh Grewal, and General Secretary, Dr. Deep Singh. 

On the event, Gatka promoters Grewal and Dr. Deep Singh expressed their hopes for the development and progress of Gatka, a conventional Sikh martial artwork, inside the United States below the management of Khalsa who’s a veteran sportsperson and tradition promoter Gill. Demonstrating their dedication to the trigger, newly appointed Khalsa and Gill assured of their dedication to selling and preserving the wealthy heritage of Gatka within the province in addition to nation.

                On the event World Gatka Federation president Grewal and General Secretary Dr. Deep Singh apart from Harbhajan Singh, former President of Gurdwara Glen Rock, New Jersey and Chairman of Punjab Global TV, additionally prolonged their warmest congratulations to Khalsa and Gill Pardeep on their new roles within the organisations.

The appointments of Khalsa and Gill symbolize a big step ahead for the Gatka Federation USA, as they create with them a wealth of expertise, ardour and sincerity for preserving the cultural and sporting significance of Gatka.

Meanwhile, the Gatka Federation USA has prolonged its finest needs to each Khalsa and Gill of their respective roles, and mentioned with their management, the group would sit up for new milestones and achievements within the realm of Gatka in US.

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