Gulzar Group of Institutes Khanna Ludhiana organised plantation drives at its campus and to support sustainable way saving Energy & Environment conservation GGI has introduced self-sustained Biogas Plant. Kitchen waste is used to generate thermal energy for cooking and heating. The biogas produced from food waste, decomposable organic material and kitchen waste, consisting of methane and a little amount of carbon dioxide is an alternative fuel for cooking gas. The feat was appreciated by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Government of India.
Students were also given E-Sessions of the utility and maintenance routine of such a massive indigenous source of energy. It was also discussed in the session that since Japan has already started venturing towards Green Fuel and electricity before it’s too late we need to upgrade and mobilize the usage of the Biogas Plant at large within our social periphery.
Gurkirat Singh, Executive Director said at the moment that this project is also useful for students to have a hands-on learning experience in constructing a Mini Bio-Gas Plant, using locally available material. According to him Biogas production kills two birds with one stone, It reduces waste and produces energy. In addition, the residues from the digestion process can be used as high quality fertilizer. This closes the nutrient cycle. By understanding today’s need to save energy, GGI took an initiative & set up a Bio-Gas plant .He further added that Planting saplings beautifies the surroundings and makes a pollution-free environment. He also promoted the usage of paper bags and urged students to make city plastic free.

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