New Delhi:  Global cues pushed fuel prices to increase again across the country on Tuesday adding more misery for the common man already grappling with rising food prices amid shrinking income.

The retail prices of petrol and diesel rose by a sharp 35 paise and 28 paise per litre on Tuesday to touch new high of Rs 98.81 and Rs 89.18 per litre respectively inDelhi.

With the rise, petrol price has reached very close to hitting the century mark all across the country extending the scope of historic high prices that had already made the fuel rate cross the Rs 100 per litre mark in certain cities and towns of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

In the city of Mumbai, where petrol price crossed Rs 100 per litre mark for the first time on May 29, the fuel price reached new high of Rs 104.90 per litre on Tuesday. Diesel price also increased in the city to reach Rs 96.72 a litre, the highest among metros.

Across the country as well petrol and diesel prices increased on Tuesday but its retail prices varied depending on the level of local taxes in different states.

Petrol prices in three other metros apart from Mumbai have also reached closer to Rs 100 per litre mark and OMC officials said that if international oil prices continue to firm up, this mark could also be breached in other places in a couple of days. Petrol price in Chennai is now is Rs 99.80 a litre, just single increase away from hitting century mark.

With Tuesday’s price hike, fuel prices have now increased on 32 days and remained unchanged on 28 days since May 1. The 32 increases have taken up petrol prices by Rs 8.42 per litre in Delhi. Similarly, diesel has increased by Rs 8.45 per litre in the national capital.

With global crude prices also rising on a pick up demand and depleting inventories of world’s largest fuel guzzler – the US, retail prices of fuel in India are expected to firm up further in coming days. The benchmark Brent crude reached multi year high level of over $76 on ICE or Intercontinental Exchange earlier. It has softened a bit to stay over $74 a barrel now.

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