Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday attended the birth anniversary celebrations of Lord Devnarayan, the folk deity of Gujjars, at Malaseri Dungri in Bhilwara.

Addressing a gathering after darshan on 1111th birth anniversary of Lord Devnarayan, Modi said that he does not leave any chance when Lord Devnarayan calls him, that is why he was present.

“No Prime Minister has come here, I have come with full devotion as a traveller like you to seek blessings, ” he stated.

“I also had the good fortune to make ahuti in the Yajnashala. It is also a matter of good luck for me that a common man like me has got the virtue of coming among you today and receiving the blessings of Lord Devnarayan and his devotees, ” Modi said.

The Prime Minister said, “We Indians are proud of our thousands of years old history, culture and civilization. Many civilizations of the world ended in time as they could not adapt itself with the changes. Many attempts were made to break India geographically, socially and culturally, but no force could destroy India.”

Participating in the programme on 1111th birth anniversary of Lord Devnarayan, Modi can also announce the Devnarayan Corridor.

The people of Gujjar community settled in nine states of the country have reached here since Friday night. Around 3 lakh people hailing from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Himachal, Jammu-Kashmir and Madhya Pradesh are are attending the programme.

In view of Modi’s programme, security agencies and police have converted the Asind area into a fortress.

For the security here, the Central Reserve Police Force of all the surrounding districts including Bhilwara has been deployed in Asind. More than 7, 000 policemen are at standby.

Malaseri Dungri, situated in Bhilwara district, has a famous temple of Lord Devnarayan. About 12 kms away from Asind town in Bhilwara district, Malaseri Dungri- being the birth place of Lord Devnarayan- holds great religious importance for the Gujjar community.

Modi is the chief guest at the ceremony commemorating ‘Avataran Mahotsav’ of Lord Devnarayan in Bhilwara.

Devnarayan, born in Malaseri in the 10th century, is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

It is believed that in Malaseri Dungri of Asind area of Bhilwara district, Lord Devnarayan incarnated on a lotus flower.

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