Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

┬áResponding to the revocation of three farm laws by the Centre on Friday, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called the day ‘historic and victory of not just Indian farmers, but also democracy’.

“It is a historic day and will be remembered as August 15 and January 26. Today, the Central government had to succumb to the farmer’s constant struggle and repeal the three black farm laws. It is not just our farmer’s victory, but also democracy’s as farmers have made it very clear to every political party and leader in the country that in a democracy it is the people that are supposed to be heard, ” Kejriwal said in a virtual media brief.

Hailing the almost a year-long protest that began nearly two months after the introduction of farm laws in Parliament in September 2020, the AAP leader said, “This struggle had brought every Indian, irrespective of their differences, together. Youth, women, labourers, aarthi, traders from states like Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Bengal and Kerala stood united against the laws. This might have been the biggest and longest peaceful struggle in the world.

“People continued to strive in sultry heat, chilling winters and heavy downpour. The government and its agencies tried their best to break them by labeling them as Khalistani, anti-national and terrorist, but failed. Despite all of this our farmers kept their fight on and won it.”

“However, more than 700 of our farmers lost their lives during the protest. Their lives could have been saved if only the laws were taken back earlier, ” he added.

Soon after the announcement of the repealing of the farm laws, Kejriwal tweeted, “What a joyous news on the occasion of Guru Purab! All three laws have been repealed. More than 700 farmers got martyred. Their sacrifice will always be remembered by the generations to come as to how they saved farming and their fellow brothers by putting their lives on the line. I salute the farmers of my country.”

A little more than a year after they were passed, followed by widespread agitation by the farmers declining to accept them, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced that the Centre has decided to repeal the three farm laws.

Coinciding with the auspicious occasion of Guru Nanak Jayanti, Modi also announced that the constitutional process to repeal the laws would be taken up in the winter session of Parliament that begins on November 29 and appealed to the agitating farmers to withdraw their agitation and go back to their homes.

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