Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

 Chandigarh-The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) launched a scathing assault on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for making an attempt to postpone the Chandigarh Mayor elections, which the INDIA alliance is successful clearly, and termed their makes an attempt undemocratic steps taken within the worry of inevitable defeat.

 Chandigarh Mayoral election was scheduled for January 18th however it’s being adjourned. The AAP leaders mentioned that the BJP is unnerved by the power of the INDIA alliance and they aren’t able to face their first of many defeats by the hands of the INDIA alliance.

 AAP Chandigarh incharge Jarnail Singh mentioned that anybody, who thinks that it’s arduous to defeat the BJP, can see their situation in Chandigarh right now. They are so frightened of loss that they’re operating away from the election. He added that the BJP needs to cancel this election after the alliance of the AAP and Congress. In his assertion he additionally mentioned that now the entire nation is standing sturdy towards the dictatorship of the BJP and shortly we’ll do away with it.

 Reacting to the ways of the BJP in Chandigarh, Rajya Sabha member and senior AAP chief Dr Sandeep Pathak, on his X, mentioned, “Staring at its inevitable defeat the BJP has started its dirty tricks machinery in Chandigarh. If this is the kind of election system we have in the country then it’s highly discouraging.” He added that the BJP is making an attempt arduous to postpone the mayor election in Chandigarh by misusing the federal government equipment. But they won’t allow them to succeed.

 Member Parliament Raghav Chadha additionally criticised the BJP for this undemocratic meddling in an election and mentioned that the BJP is gripped by ‘democracy-phobia’ – a worry of democracy and free & truthful elections. He mentioned that the BJP is frightened of INDIA’s triumph.

 The AAP chief mentioned that with 20 out of the overall 36 votes in its favor, the INDIA alliance is poised to win the Chandigarh Mayoral Elections. This has pressured BJP’s soiled methods division to work extra time. So first, the Secretary of Elections falls sick, and now, the Presiding Officer has additionally fallen sick. BJP is enjoying methods to adjourn the election which they’re set to lose badly. Chadha added that this deliberate try and postpone elections is an simple proof that the BJP is, surely, afraid of the INDIA alliance. He quipped that the BJP is sort of a disgruntled little one who, upon being referred to as out in gully cricket, takes away the bat and declares an finish to the sport. “Is our democracy so weak that elections will only happen when the BJP is winning, and elections will be adjourned if the BJP is losing, ” asks Chadha.

 He additional mentioned that that is the competition between the INDIA alliance and the BJP and the INDIA alliance is successful it clearly. But by cancelling the election due to the worry of defeat, does the BJP need to flip this nation into North Korea? He mentioned that the BJP is a good risk to the democracy of our nation but when the INDIA alliance continues to struggle unitedly like this, then the day is just not far when the BJP shall be wiped off from the facility. He requested the those that events will come and go, however to avoid wasting the democracy of this nation, it’s essential to do away with the BJP within the upcoming elections. If the BJP continues then it’s going to flip India into North Korea.

 He additional mentioned that the Aam Aadmi Party and Congress, collectively, will take a choice to method the High Court to make sure that the Mayor’s election is held pretty. Also, we’ll request the election administration that if one presiding officer falls sick then it is best to appoint one other presiding officer. They can appoint whoever they need however elections had been scheduled right now, so it must be held right now.

 Chadha mentioned that that is only a Mayor’s election and the BJP is so frightened of the INDIA alliance and so they already are having sleepless nights. Just think about what is going to occur once they face the INDIA on the whole elections of 2024. The Bharatiya Janata Party may also use each doable trick within the 2024 elections to affect the elections. That is why the 135 crore folks of this nation should come collectively, the INDIA alliance should turn into stronger and must defeat the BJP.

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