Tue. Feb 27th, 2024

Incarcerated alleged conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar has despatched a scathing letter addressed to Telangana’s BRS leaders Okay.T. Rama Rao (KTR) and Okay. Kavitha, stuffed with accusations and daring predictions, all throughout the context of alleged corruption.

Chandrashekhar begins the letter by extending congratulations to Kavitha on her defeat within the current Assembly polls.

He, within the letter, claims that the election outcomes are a testomony to the general public’s understanding of what he deems because the leaders’ “arrogance, ego, and fake mightiness.”

The letter refers to a earlier press launch during which Chandrashekhar had forewarned Kavitha in regards to the impending finish to her alleged lies, greed, and corruption. The missive accuses KTR and Kavitha of succumbing to the corrupting affect of absolute energy, claiming that their practices are actually laid naked for all to see.

“You called me a cheat, con and what not, but today you are on the same pedestal too, no difference, ” the Mandoli Jail inmate writes in his letter.

The letter takes a sinister flip as Chandrashekhar predicts that Kavitha and her political associates will quickly be part of what he dubs as “The Kattar Corrupt Aam Aadmi Party Leaders in the Jail Club.”

“I will make sure of this and expose you in and out, ” he writes.

Furthermore, the incarcerated conman means that Kavitha may quickly relocate to her favoured vacation spot, the United States, the place she supposedly owns a residence.

“I am sure now, soon you will move to your favourite country, where you have your favourite house, You know what I am talking about, ‘America’ your favourite as you always said, ” he additional writes.

Chandrashekhar, in his letter additional addresses a social media submit by KTR on election day the place the politician held a gun with the caption “3.0 loading.”

“One More thing Bro, on the result day, I watched the news, on which I saw you updated a picture of yours holding a gun on X saying 3.0 loading. Honestly guess Rightfully you like making a fool out of yourself, But I also guess you are very much right about the 3.0 Part, o The 3.0 you were talking about is ‘Jail Time’ which is gonna happen soon. Nothing more than that KTR Brother, ” the letter learn.

“Lastly, I heartily congratulate KTR Anna on the Slayer Grand Victory, you are the real star killer of the Telangana Elections at Kamareddy. I also congratulate Revanth Anna on becoming the Chief Minister of Telangana, ” Chandrashekhar additional wrote.

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