Kerala is the least angry with its MLAs while Himachal Pradesh MLAs face the most anger, as per the latest IANS-CVoter Anti-Incumbency Tracker.

According to the tracker, only 2.3 per cent respondents are angry with the MLAs in Kerala. Bihar MLAs also enjoy public confidence as only 4.7 per cent face anger followed by Gujarat MLAs with only 5.7 per cent respondents being angry. Haryana MLAs are also sitting pretty as only 6.5 per cent respondents expressed anger as per the tracker.

On the other hand, Himachal Pradesh is most angry with its MLAs with 33.2 per cent respondents in the tracker expressing anger. Himachal is followed by Telangana at 32.9 per cent, Chhattisgarh at 30.8 per cent, Odisha at 29.1 per cent and Goa at 20.5 per cent.

On an average, 24.6 per cent of Indian voters were angry with their state chief ministers compared to 11.2 per cent against their sitting MLA. But data for individual states show deep differences between them when it comes to anger against the state government and the chief minister. This was revealed while analysing data for IANS on the quarterly anti-incumbency sentiments and index compiled by C Voter which is based on a unique daily tracker poll that C Voter has been conducting for a long time.

While voters in divergent states differ in their opinions and sentiments, the common thread is that anger against the state governments is far higher than the central government. For instance, 48.4 per cent of respondents in Punjab were most angry with the central government. In contrast, Telangana voters had the maximum level of anger against their state government at a very high 66.8 per cent.

One other quick conclusion that can be drawn after a quick analysis of this exclusive C Voter anti-incumbency index for IANS is that strategists of the Aam Aadmi Party would be satisfied. The least level of anger against their state government is shown in Delhi (28 per cent) followed by Punjab (32.5 per cent). Not surprisingly Delhi (6.3 per cent) and Punjab (9.7 per cent) also happen to be number two and three in states where voters are least angry with the chief minister.

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