Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

Chandigarh :Renowned City Authors Prem Vij and Ashok Nadir with renowned City Producer , Director Ojaswwee Sharma were distinguished guests at Launch of Anthologies It follows you and Check in Check Out by Australian resident Keran Pantth Joshi at Chandigarh Press Club .
Covid lockdown saw people revisiting their hobbies and learning some more. Keran too followed her passion of writing books. Author’s first book (Beyond forever) was published in 2012. Then, as they say, life happened and it was only during the lockdown period when work was slow that she took to writing some stories which were brewing in her head. Since Keran is running a hotel in Australia, she thought of writing a book on hotel horror. Both books are in talks with a few producers for screen adaptations. Since checkin checkout was so well received, it was followed by the release of IT FOLLOWS YOU in the next few months. This book is also an anthology of 12 different stories.

After writing Check-in Checkout, I wanted to write something that really spoke to me. And what better than the stories she already had inside her mind, stories which have come to her over a long span of time. Few were instances that happened to some of my relatives, few of which I heard in my childhood. They got stuck with her over years and had to be written down and told. So instead of writing a full novel, she started writing another short story collection. Short stories always interest me as a reader, as nothing is more exciting than reading some fast paced stories which are completely different from each other , said Keran . It’s like a rollercoaster, full of surprises and different twists and turns. All this led to the creation of IT FOLLOWS YOU , said Keran.
Prem Vij , Ashok Nadir and Ojaswee Sharma were of opinion that present era is of Horror , fiction and thrillers and youth are interested in Ott content even more then films these days.

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