Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

Mysuru: Karnataka police have arrested a man for repeatedly breaking and vandalising idols of Hindu Gods in Saligrama village near K.R. Nagar in this district of Karnataka, police said on Friday.

The accused has told police that he was breaking idols as he thought people were being deceived as they worshiped idols of stones. The police are keeping his identity confidential for security reasons.

The accused had broken the door of Sri Siddalingeshwara and Male Mahadeshwara temple. After barging inside, he had broken ‘Shivlings’ installed inside the temple in Bherya village on December 7. The incident had created a tense situation in the region.

District Superintendent R. Chetan had visited the spot and a special team under leadership of the Deputy Superintendent of Police Dr A.R. Sumith was formed. The special team had gathered information about the accused and arrested him from Bherya village. The accused had confessed to the crime in the investigation.

The accused had dethroned the statue of Hindu goddess Shri Lakshmi Devi and threw it into a well after deforming the idol. The incident had taken place in the limits of K.R.Pet Rural police station. He had also told police that when he was about to break the lock and enter Sri Anjaneya temple in Beeravalli village he had to flee as people came.

According to police, the accused had completed his SSLC (Class 10) and he is into agriculture. He has gotten into the habit of breaking Hindu god’s idols for a long time.

He thought that people were being deceived as they worshiped idols. He did not touch gold and silver ornaments, embellishments, or cash kept in the temples.

Further investigation is on.

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