Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024

BSP President Mayawati pummeled Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh on Saturday for his letter to the Prime Minister on the ranchers’ issue.

Mayawati in a tweet in Hindi said, “The letter composed by Congress’ Chief Minister of Punjab to the Prime Minister about the ranchers’ unsettling is a connivance to slander the ranchers who are forfeiting their lives.”

She said the ranchers are disturbing to get the new farming laws canceled however the Punjab CM is projecting slanders which isn’t acceptable and it is unsuitable to wade into controversy on the issue.

Boss Minister Amarinder Singh on Friday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to continue discourse with the unsettling ranchers and put forth coordinated attempts to determine their issues.

The Chief Minister hosts proposed to lead an all-get-together designation from Punjab for conversations with the Prime Minister to track down a sturdy and friendly answer for the vexed issue of the delayed rancher tumult, which is undermining the social texture of the state and affecting monetary exercises also.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, Amarinder cautioned that forces across the line “may attempt to play upon the charged feelings of the glad, genuine and dedicated ranchers” of Punjab, which has a long and live worldwide boundary.

“The circumstance is by and by leveled out, yet I dread that provocative explanations and direct of some ideological groups and the passionate backfire may make the rule of law issues and furthermore lead to irreversible harm to the well deserved harmony in the state, ” said the Chief Minister, highlighting the requirement for the focal government to address the real worries of the ranchers.

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