Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

¬†Chandigarh – In the Event Saugat: Clothes, Sanitary napkins, Animals eatables were collected from all over the tricity and now it’s in first phase of donation drive in sector 14/15( Near hospital and Slum area) Panchkula. More than 600 people got clothes in this harshest winter . Also during the donation drive cleanliness Project and Pankh project took session on Personal hygiene and awareness about use of sanitary napkins respectively. More than 100 packets of sanitary napkins were donated in Slum areas.
Cold waves killed more Indians than hot waves since 1980 according to IMD . There has also been a 506% increase in the number of cold waves in India in this decade. So the club with more than 3000+ followers trying to curb these numbers with the help of Event Saugat: Ek Nanha Prayas.

The Donation drive was cherished with the presence of following:- Rtr. Surbhi(President), Rtr. Navmeet(Gen. Secretary), Rtr. Akshay and Rtr. Piyush(Chairpersons), Rtr. Pankaj Swami and Rtr. Prerna(Superhead), all Event heads and Volunteers.

For any information contact: Rtr. Abhishek(7901909052) and Rtr. Pankaj Swami(76578 82348).

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