Raipur:  Pictures of several historical Muslim party leaders were missing in the Congress advertisement marking the party’s 85th plenary of the party.

While the minority leaders in the party expressed their objections, party MP Manish Tewari took a serious view of the matter.

“The @INCIndia has a pantheon of Muslim leaders who struggled against fissiparous tendencies especially within their community that led to creation of Pakistan & dedicated themselves to inclusive idea of India. Someone wants to airbrush their contribution from annals of History, ” he said in a tweet.

Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, Dr Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, and Rafi Ahmed Kidwai were top freedom fighters from the Congress but their pictures were missing.

The party apologised for the miss.

“Today an ad released by INC did not carry a photograph of Maulana Azad. It was an inexcusable slipup. Responsibility for it is being fixed & action will be taken. Meanwhile this is a most sincere apology from us. He will always remain an iconic & inspiring figure for us & India”, Congress General Secretary, in charge of communications, Jairam Ramesh said a tweet.

However Congress tweeted photos from the dais where photos of Maulana Azad photos were prominently installed.

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