BJP chief J.P. Nadda on Monday summed up eight years of the Narendra Modi government as a journey from “nothing can happen in the country” to “everything is possible”.

In a series of tweets, Nadda said that it is journey of belief and determination from darkness of “nothing can happen in the country” to “everything is possible”.

He said that eight successful years of BJP government at the centre has been completed under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. “This eight-year journey is a continuous journey of victory of development over the politics of casteism, dynasty, corruption and appeasement.”

Terming the development of the country in the last eight years “incredible”, Nadda said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the country is not only changing but also writing a new definition of development.”The way 135 crore countrymen have imbibed the vision of the Prime Minister Modi on the ground, it proves that if there is right leadership and it has policy and intention, then we can overcome every challenge. A big line of success can be drawn, ” Nadda said.

He called it a journey of empowerment of the poor, backward, Dalits, tribals, women, youth and every marginalised person in society and upliftment of their lives, while strengthening the democracy of the country.

Nadda also mentioned that the country’s poverty has come down from 22 per cent to less than 10 per cent in the last eight years. “The extreme poverty rate has remained stable at less than one per cent, at 0.8 per cent. The country’s per capita income as well as foreign exchange reserves have almost doubled in the last 8 years, ” Nadda said.

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