Chandigarh :

The Aam Aadmi Party ( AAP ) Punjab affairs co-incharge and MLA from Delhi , Raghav Chadha has written a letter to Punjab Pradesh Congress president Navjot Singh Sidhu , demanding immediate attainment of all the unfulfilled 2017 election promises of the Congress. Chadha also sent the 129-page election manifesto of the Congress of 2017 along with the letter, stating that the Punjab Pradesh Congress had removed it from its official website. The AAP leader congratulated Navjot Singh Sidhu and gave him advice.

In the presence of AAP MLA Jai Singh Rodi and spokesperson Neel Garg at the party headquarters here on Friday, Raghav Chadha addressed Navjot Sidhu and said, “Congratulations on the victory after a long battle for the seat and power! You wanted the presidency of the Congress party, which you got. The High Command is with you. You have the support of all the Congress MLAs. The confidence of the Congress workers is with you. Now you are the Congress and you are the Punjab government. Therefore, it is your responsibility to fulfill all the 129 unfulfilled 2017 election promises of the Congress.”

Advising the newly appointed president of Punjab Congress, Raghav Chadha further said that Navjot Singh Sidhu should now stop acting as the Leader of Opposition; as Navjot Sidhu is not only a part of the ruling Congress but also the president and the entire state government is under him. “As the president of the ruling party, Sidhu will have to deliver on all the promises before the next elections, because in four-and-a-half-years, the Congress has not been able to fulfill a single promise of its election manifesto, ” he added.

Raghav Chadha cautioned Navjot Singh Sidhu not to try to mislead the people again by asking to form the next government of the Congress and all the promises would be fulfilled. Taking a dig, Chadha said, “The current government is your Congress government and you have only six months to deliver on your promises.” He reminded Navjot Sidhu that during the 2017 elections, the Congress party leaders had made big promises by holding Sri Gutka Sahib in their hands. Raghav Chadha said Sidhu was the star campaigner of the same Congress party and was the one who carried the promises of the Congress from door to door. He was also a cabinet minister after the formation of the Congress government, but unfortunately the Congress government did not fulfill a single election promise, said Chadha.

The AAP leader said during the four-and-a-half-years of the Congress government, the drug kingpins were not put behind bars, nor did justice was given for desecration; neither did the mafia rule eradicated and the issues of the employees were also not resolved; and the same is what Navjot Sidhu says. Chadha admonished Navjot Sidhu not to try in vain to fool the people of Punjab by playing the game of 9-points written in the manifesto and 18-points given by the Congress High Command. He said if Navjot Sidhu did not fulfill the election promises, then the people of Punjab would understand it directly that Sidhu’s fight with Captain Amarinder Singh was just a battle for the chair and not for the welfare and issues of Punjab .

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