Baru Sahib- Nestle India Limited has made an in-kind contribution of IT equipment for 129 Akal Academies spread across in rural areas of five Northern States and Eternal University, Baru Sahib.

Impressed with the work The Kalgidhar Society is doing for the rural sector of Northern India, Nestle India Limited has donated a large stock of IT equipment. The aim of the Society is to respond to the challenges the community confronts, and empower the community. Society emphasizes educating the girls by providing free Elementary Teacher Training in its Akal Institute of Rural Women Empowerment on completion of their elementary education and providing them with job opportunities in its academies. It is also worth mentioning here that 100% of Principals of Akal Academies are women. It also runs a fully functional Charitable Hospital that provides medical care to the poor patients of the rural area in the backward Himalayan Region. Additionally, it runs the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers that are helping in eradicating vices amongst the rural folk and bringing down the crime rate, conflicts, litigations etc., amongst these sections.

Dr. Davinder Singh, Secretary, The Kalgidhar Society, informed the press that Nestle has supported us with 57 Desktop PC’s along with Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and 34 Laptops to support the organization’s goals of improving literacy through Value-based education program in Rural India. He further said: “It will be great to have these devices to help our students from economically weak backgrounds. Now, the students will be able to conduct research and reinforce learning with online educational applications. This campaign can tie the CSR (Nestle) and our society’s commitment to rural girls in STEM, thanks to Nestle.”

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