New Delhi:  The oil advertising organizations (OMC) kept the petroleum and diesel costs unaltered across the four metro urban communities on Sunday.

The respite comes after petroleum costs were raised by 35 paise on Saturday.

In the public capital, petroleum is selling at Rs 100.91 per liter, unaltered from its past levels.

In Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, the fuel was estimated at Rs 105.93, 101.67 and Rs 101.01 per liter, separately.

Further, diesel costs additionally stayed unaltered pair with petroleum costs at Rs 89.88, Rs 97.46, Rs 94.39 and Rs 92.97 per liter, separately.

With the ascent, presently diesel costs have arrived at exceptionally near hitting the century mark the whole way across the country. The fuel is as of now over Rs 100 for each liter in certain towns in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Despite the fact that petroleum costs in all metros have now crossed Rs 100 for each liter imprint, authorities said that if worldwide oil costs keep on firming up, fuel cost may rise further.

Fuel costs have so far been expanded on 38 days and stayed unaltered on 34 days since May 1. The 38 increments have taken up petroleum costs by Rs 10.51 per liter in Delhi. Also, diesel has expanded by Rs 9.15 per liter in the public capital.

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