Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Kochi- On the day of the release of ‘The Kerala Story’, the High Court while hearing petitions seeking a ban on the film, categorically pointed out that in a secular state like Kerala “nothing is going to happen”.

“Nothing is going to happen if the film is screened in Kerala. On examining the teaser and the preview of the film, there is nothing which is against any religion and Islam is not portrayed in poor light. There is a reference to IS and in the country there have been several films which refer to IS, ” said the court.

“Fail to understand how this film would be against society as even the Censor Board has given the certification. The premise of the film is fictional in nature and when fictional themes have been cleared in the past, how can one prevent the screening of this film, ” asked the court.

The film is to be screened in 21 screens across the state and some theatres have decided not to screen it.

However, early this week amid the raging controversy surrounding the film, the producers of the film on Tuesday realised what’s in store and changed the introduction in the text of the film in the its latest teasers that came out on YouTube.

In the text, they revised the number of women gone missing. From around 32, 000, they changed it to three women who after being brainwashed, converted and were sent for terror missions in India and abroad.

The Kerala High Court’s observation comes a day after the Supreme Court refused to entertain a string of petitions, including the one filed by the Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, against the film’s release. The top court had asked the petitioners to approach the appropriate high court.

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