NPCIL has upgraded the Nuclear gallery at Science City Kapurthala to propagate awareness for enhancing and improving the public perception and understanding of Nuclear Power in the country. The gallery was inaugurated by Dr. Neelima Jerath, Director General Science City here today.  Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Jerath said that Nuclear energy was first utilized commercially in the 1950s, since then it has continued to grow, and there are now around 440 nuclear power reactors across the world, providing 10% of the planet’s electricity. Nuclear power is generated by bombarding uranium with neutrons and is an efficient source of energy with low Carbon footprints as opposed to burning fossil fuels. However, it has to be properly managed to ensure safety. Evidence over the past 60 years shows that it is safe and risk of accidents is low especially due to better technologies and improved safety measures. The gallery showcases the various aspects of nuclear energy, benefits and hazards of nuclear power and its applications for the betterment of human life and environment. The gallery also focuses on several salient aspects of nuclear power generation through fascinating audio video interactive exhibits.


Dr.  Rajesh Grover, Director, Science City present at the occasion, said that nuclear energy is one of the most cost effective energy sources and is essential to our response to climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. The aim of setting up this gallery is to dispel misconceptions about nuclear energy and present visitors with the facts in an easy and enjoyable way, he added.

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