Sat. Sep 30th, 2023

New Delhi- Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday focused the Central authorities saying that the Delhi Services Act has granted officers the licence to overtly insurgent towards the written orders of the elected authorities of Delhi.

“Delhi Services Act gives officers the licence to openly rebel against written orders of the elected government. Officers have begun to refuse to obey the orders of elected ministers. Can any state, country, or institution function under such circumstances? This Act will harm Delhi, and this is what the BJP wants. The Act needs to be struck down as soon as possible, ” Kejriwal posted on X.

Earlier within the day, Delhi Minister Atishi mentioned that officers have been overtly rebelling towards the Delhi authorities. While addressing a convention, Atishi mentioned that the Chief Secretary had beforehand declined to behave on their order, and now the Finance Secretary had written a 40-page letter refusing to adjust to their directive.

“The statements previously made by officials about resisting orders now appear to be coming true. Following the Chief Secretary in Delhi, the Finance Secretary has also declined to adhere to the government’s orders by composing a 40-page letter. With reference to the Delhi Services Act, there is an ongoing attempt to impede all government activities, ” she mentioned.

“I’d like to inquire again: Has the Central government instructed officials in Delhi to reject orders from the elected government and undermine the democracy? Does the notion of the ‘Triple Chain of Accountability’ mentioned in the Supreme Court’s orders not hold any significance for them?” she requested.

Atishi mentioned that the order given to the Finance Secretary pertained to a courtroom case involving GST refunds. This order was initially issued by the then Finance Minister Kailash Gehlot and subsequently by her.

“Now, if officials do not comply with the elected government’s orders concerning routine government processes, how will the government effectively serve the people’s interests?” she requested.

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