Sun. Sep 24th, 2023

The Karnataka unit of Congress on Monday took a jibe at Narendra Modi over his visit to the poll-bound southern state, saying the Prime Minister has become a tourist.

PM Modi on Monday inaugurated Shivamogga airport in Karnataka.

The Congress said: “He never bothered to visit when Karnataka faced the flood fury (last year). When the lives of people were affected, and properties were damaged, PM Modi did not bother to turn towards the state and did not care to release a single rupee to the state. Thanks to elections, PM Modi has become a tourist in the state.”

The Congress also said that no probe was conducted into a report that was earlier sought by the PMO regarding a newly laid road wearing off, immediately after the visit of PM Modi to the state.

“There was no response from the Prime Minister regarding the letter from a contractor, Santhosh Patil from Belagavi, who committed suicide alleging corruption. Thanks to you, PM Modi, for making Karnataka, a capital of corruption, ” the Congress said.

The Congress also said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) thinks that PM Modi is all powerful and can do anything.

“Why is he not able to control inflation? Whenever he is asked this question, why does he point fingers towards Pakistan? PM Modi has ensured gas prices cross Rs 1, 000 and petrol prices go beyond Rs 100, ” the party said.

The Congress said that “Karnataka was moving at double speed in corruption”.

Congratulations to PM Modi for not having any checks on corruption, for taking 40 per cent commission without any hesitation.

“Modi hai to mumkin hai (everything is possible when Modi is there)… is that correct?” the Congress wondered.

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