Jaipur- On a day when assembly polls in Karnataka were underway, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress leaders saying that they deliberately created an uproar during the evacuation of Indians from Sudan aiming that if any Indian is shot dead, they can attack Modi.

“They have not recognised Modi…. if Modi is there…we can cross any limit to save the people of India, ” he added.

Attacking the Congress, Prime Minister Modi said, “When we were evacuating people quietly from Sudan, the Congress created an uproar. It wanted one of them to get shot, so that they could hold Modi’s throat.”

“Congress exposed the face of people trapped in Sudan for vote-bank politics, had put their lives in danger, because Congress wanted that if even one person gets shot in Sudan, they will get a chance to play the game in Karnataka elections, ” the PM alleged.

To harm Modi, Congress does not desist from harming the country, he added.

Attacking the Congress leaders of Rajasthan, he said, “In the last 5 years, a dirty form of politics has been seen in Rajasthan. The game of looting the chair and saving the chair is going on here. What kind of government is this that the Chief Minister does not trust his MLAs, what kind of government is this that the MLAs do not trust the CM. Everyone is competing to humiliate each other. In such a situation, who would care about the development of Rajasthan.”

“Law and order has been destroyed in Rajasthan under the Congress rule. In Rajasthan, where crimes used to be rare to hear, criminals are now roaming around fearlessly. The Congress running under the slavery of vote bank is not taking action on the people. Mothers, sisters and daughters have had to pay the biggest price for this. They also have to celebrate Teej-festival amidst doubts and apprehensions, ” he added.

“When the Corona epidemic hit the country, Congress did spread rumours, Congress wanted more and more people to die. Modi has neither bowed down nor will he bow down to the threats and conspiracies of these people. If Modi bows down, he bows down in front of 140 crore countrymen, ” said the PM.

Speaking on serial blasts in Jaipur in which the accused were acquitted by Rajasthan High Court, he said, “Two days later, on May 13, is the anniversary of the Jaipur bomb blasts. The Congress government of Rajasthan did what it has been infamous for, its history-exploits have been infamous. Has always taken a soft stand on terrorists. Congress does not leave any chance to stand with terrorist ideology. Weak lobbying in the case of bomb blasts, the accused were acquitted, Congress may try to cover up, but the truth has come to the fore.”

The Prime Minister said that Dalit-backward and tribal society has suffered the most due to the kind of politics that the Congress has done for decades. The tribal society has trusted the Congress for decades. There was no development in Sirohi, Jaisalmer, Karauli, Baran due to the misrule of the Congress.

The Congress had shied away from them, but BJP declared them as aspirational districts. Today, these aspirational districts will benefit the most from the foundation stone laying of the Rs 5, 000 crore project.

About 8 months ago, Modi had come to Abu Road, but he could not give a speech after 10 p.m as he was not allowed to speak on the mike beacuse of some law and order issue. Then he had promised that he would definitely come here.

“How could I have forgotten the promise made to you? When I came during Navratri, I could not talk to you. There were limits of the law and it is my nature and culture to remain disciplined. Had the good fortune to see you that day. You came to bless me even though it was very late in the night. I was feeling that I am leaving after making you angry, don’t know how much anger will come out, ” he said.

Earlier in the morning, the PM reached Nathdwara and had darshan of Shrinathji. After visiting the temple, he laid the foundation stone of a project worth more than Rs 5000 crore and also addressed the public meeting.

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