Fri. Mar 1st, 2024

Punjab Member of Parliament Vikramjit Singh Sahney on Saturday urged the Central authorities to prioritise the deployment of anti-drone know-how to safeguard the youth from falling sufferer to drug habit.

He additionally highlighted the connections amongst drug suppliers from Pakistan, recruitment of the youth in border areas of Punjab and drug mafias working from the jails in India.

Sahney mentioned infiltration of medication through drones throughout the India-Pakistan border is a severe matter of concern.

“We need to take stringent measures to curb such activities, ” he mentioned.

He mentioned the simple availability of medication in Indian cities and night time golf equipment is consuming the youth like termite.

“We need to take strong and concerted action at all levels to combat the drug menace on a war footing by putting crackdowns on suppliers, tighter control over drug availability, and enhanced support for drug rehabilitation centres, ” he mentioned.

Sahney additionally appreciated the efforts of the Central authorities and the Punjab authorities for establishing the anti-narcotics job power and state particular operation cell to struggle drug trafficking and smuggling.

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