Priyanka Gandhi visited Patiala to campaign for Congress candidate Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi. She addressed a gathering of thousands of women at the ‘Women’s Justice Summit’.

Priyanka Gandhi began by expressing her deep connection to Punjab, noting, “I am the daughter-in-law of a Punjabi family and I understand the values of service, community, and the common good cherished by the Punjabi people.”

Speaking to the crowd, she emphasized, “Women make up half of this country. Today’s woman wants to contribute to her family’s income, secure good employment, and advance in life. However, the central government has failed to provide a safe and supportive environment for women. I urge you to stand up and claim your right to equality.”

Criticizing the Prime Minister, she stated, “The Prime Minister’s statements often lack the dignity of his office. He misleads the public with false claims, suggesting absurdities like Congress will take away your buffalo or Mangalsutra. Meanwhile, he remains silent on the issues of women’s repression, the plight of martyred farmers, and the dire state of the nation under his rule. He never addresses unemployment.”

In contrast, Priyanka Gandhi highlighted the Congress party’s commitment to justice and prosperity. “Congress is dedicated to preserving the prosperity, community, and constitution of this country. We guarantee an annual assistance of one lakh rupees to the eldest female member of every needy family and a 50% reservation in jobs for women.”

She praised Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi, calling him “an honest and fearless candidate, ” and urged the people of Patiala to ensure his victory with a significant margin.

Dr. Dharamvir Gandhi added, “The BJP’s core identity is marked by economic divide, social divisions, and political dictatorship. It is crucial to defeat BJP at the national level.”

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