Patiala :  Punjab is witnessing all time high power demand due to prolonged dry spell, increase in demand of power from agricultural sector and reduced power availability due to low reservoir levels/ reduced generation from hydro power stations including BBMB and outage of units of Talwandi Sabo Power Limited (TSPL) Mansa.

 In order to bridge the gap between demand and supply, PSPCL has been constrained to impose power regulatory measures on industrial consumers.

 Shri A.Venu Prasad disclosed that keeping in view of persistent demand of the industrial consumers of the state, Punjab State Power Corporation Limited has relaxed power regulatory measures on general category LS consumers having sanctioned contract demand up to 1000 KVA with effect from 11.07.2021.Industrial consumers have now been allowed to operate up to 100 KVA of load, while the earlier exemption limit was only up to 50 KVA only. This shall increase the load on PSPCL system by about 600 MW.*

 CMD also said that PSPCL has arranged to purchase 752 MW power at the rate of 3.08 Paise per unit. for July 11, 2021

CMD informed that today a peak demand has recorded 12500 MW.PSPCL has supplied nearly 8 hours power supply to agriculture sector. He also said that due to tripping of TSPCL thermal unit generation to the extent of 1980 MW was lost.

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