New Delhi:  Congress leader Rahul Gandhi sarcastically said on Saturday that he considers the BJP-RSS as his “guru” as they “show what not to do”.

“I want them (BJP and RSS) to attack us aggressively, this will help the Congress party understand the ideology. In a way I consider them my guru, they are showing me the way, training me on what not to do, ” the Congress leader said while addressing a press conference here

“The sense I am getting is that if the opposition comes together and fight in coordinated way, the BJP will find it tough in 2024. I think the opposition should stand effectively on ground and work in a manner to counter the BJP, ” he said.

When asked about a Prime Ministerial face, the Congress leader said: “My main focus right now is for a united India, we should fight against hatred. My focus is only to unite India.”

He further said that there were many like-minded parties who want India to be in harmony. “I know Akhikeshji and Mayawatiji want India to be free of hatred and want harmony in the country.”

Rahul Gandhi also said that “his is not a tactical political fight the BJP has dominated the political space and to defeat them now there should be ideological framework and this only Congress can give”.

“For example the Samajwadi Party has position in Uttar Pradesh but its idea will not work in Kerala and Karnataka. Only the Congress can give a national vision while respecting the opposition leaders, ” he added.

Regarding his Bharat Jodo Yatra, Rahul Gandhi said that the foundation of the mega-walkathon is love, affection and to erase hatred in the nation.

The yatra will resume on January 3 and enter Uttar Pradesh after which it will proceed to Haryana, Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.

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