Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

New Delhi- Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Raghav Chadha on Friday stated he was suspended from Rajya Sabha for asking powerful inquiries to the BJP authorities.

Chadha, who has been accused by the BJP of forging the signatures of 5 MPs, was on Friday suspended from the Rajya Sabha by Chairman Jagdeep Dhankhar, on the final day of the Monsoon Session of Parliament.

“I was suspended for asking tough questions that left the BJP, the world’s largest party, without answers through my speech in Parliament on Delhi Service Bill. My crime was exposing BJP’s double standards on Delhi’s statehood, ” he stated.

Taking a dig on the saffron celebration, Chadha stated: “I confirmed them a mirror and held them accountable, which left them scared. By suspending a MP primarily based on false allegations, the federal government’s actions unmistakably sign an alarming stance that reeks of being ‘anti-youth’ and undermines the very basis of honest illustration and democratic values.

“The suspension of AAP and other INDIA bloc MPs highlights the alarming trend in Parliament, where the BJP blurs the lines between fact and fiction to silence the Opposition. The way in which the BJP orchestrated the suspension of Rahul Gandhi indicates their willingness to employ similar tactics to suspend and subsequently expel any AAP MP without hesitation, ” the AAP MP stated.

Chadha additional stated: “This Monsoon Session noticed an unprecedented abuse of energy by the federal government. Microphones have been forcibly silenced and the voice of Opposition ruthlessly quashed with 3 MPs from AAP alone being suspended. The suspensions of MPs have uncovered the BJP’s growing desperation.

“Over this week, I have received two notices from the Privilege Committee, which is unprecedented. It’s clear that the BJP is weakened and is increasingly resorting to political vendettas. I will strongly present my case before the the Committee and seek justice, ” the MP stated.

He additional stated: “Some BJP MPs and their propaganda machinery have falsely accused me. I challenge the BJP to produce the alleged document with wrongful signatures. I reiterate that the allegations of wrongful signatures are completely baseless.”

Chadha additionally claimed that suggesting the names of MPs for Select Committees doesn’t necessitate the acquisition of their signatures or written consent.

“It is only a mere proposal, with some proposed MP names. If anyone wishes to withdraw their name, they can, ” he added.

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