Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Seven members of a gang, arrested for truck heist, have admitted that the extreme want to welcome the New Year in a grand method made them commit the crime.

According to police, the gang intercepted a truck and assaulted its driver on New Jail Road in Gosainganj on December 31, 2023. Subsequently, they looted the truck, kidnapped the attendant, and assaulted him. Later, they deserted him in Ahimamau and fled the scene.

Interrogation of the accused revealed that they had been dealing with a scarcity of funds for his or her December 31 celebrations and, subsequently, deliberate to loot a truck to promote it at Dubagga Mandi for cash to fund their January 1 occasion. However, when the truck developed points en path to Dubagga, they determined to park it briefly and promote it later, stated the extra deputy commissioner of police.

They strategically focused an outdated truck with out GPS to stay untraceable. Nevertheless, a three-member police workforce tracked and seized the truck utilizing CCTV footage and guide inputs.

Subsequently, the accused had been recognized and arrested.

The arrested accused embrace Vikas Rawat, 24, who operates a tent enterprise and has 4 earlier circumstances in opposition to him, and Abhishek Yadav, 23, knowledgeable driver with three earlier circumstances.

The different 5 accused have been recognized as — Aman Rawat, 18, Sahil Rawat, 18, Saurabh Rawat, 19, Govind Rawat, 20, and a minor.

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