After the Congress Campaign committee chief in Uttarakhand Harish Rawat targetted leaders for not giving him a free hand in the party affairs, the Congress is now trying to resolve issues amicably. Sources said that the state leaders have been called to Delhi on Thursday and possibly a meeting would be held at Rahul Gandhi’s residence in a day or two in which Rawat will also be present.

State President Ganesh Gondiyal will meet Devendra Yadav, the state in-charge to apprise him about the affairs of the party. Sources said that Harish Rawat is upset over the ticket distribution and that he wants more say in the party affairs. The Congress, which is going for the collective leadership into the polls, has not declared Rawat as the Chief Ministerial candidate, which is the prime demand of his supporters.

In a series of tweets in Hindi on Wednesday, Rawat said: “It’s time to rest, it has been enough.

“Is this not strange? When we have to swim in the sea of election, the party organisation should extend a supporting hand, but has rather turned its face the other way and is playing a negative role. I have to swim in the sea where the ruling party has released many crocodiles and my hands and legs are tied. Sometimes it feels that I have worked too much and now it’s time to rest. I am in a dilemma, the new year may show me a way, and Lord Kedarnath will show a path to me.”

The new barb from the former Chief Minister will create trouble for the party in the state as it doesn’t have a face apart from Rawat who has a pan state presence, after the demise of Narayan Datt Tiwari and Indira Hridayesh.

Rawat loyalists claim that he is upset with the party as the state in-charge is not listening to his suggestions. Rawat was Punjab in-charge when Amarinder Singh was removed from the state as the Chief Minister and now Rawat is facing the same problem in the state to adjust with the new team.

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