Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Chandigarh: Two more people were found to be positive for Omicron variant in Chandigarh out of samples of five family contacts of previous Omicron positive case sent for genome sequencing, doctors said on Sunday.

The total number of Omicron variant patients in the city has now risen to three.

One of the Omicron variant is an 80-year-old man, who is a patient of hypertension but is asymptomatic. He has been isolated in hospital, and will be re-tested again on January 1.

The second is a 45-year-old male, who was reported as RT-PCR negative on December 24 and discharged.

The administration said genome sequencing report of remaining three is pending but they tested negative on RT-PCR retesting on December 24 and were discharged.

The city has now one active case.

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