UP minister of state for Jal Shakti, Baldev Singh Aulakh, has written a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah saying that Rampur district, which is his constituency, would ready to welcome Hindus and Sikhs who are being evacuated from Afghanistan.

The minister wrote, “Hindu and Sikh families displaced from Afghanistan are being evacuated to India by the central government. I sincerely request you to settle them in Rampur district. There will be no inconvenience.”

He further stated that: “The residents of Bilaspur tehsil in Rampur (where most are from the Sikh community) are ready to give land to the displaced brothers and sisters.”

Aulakh said that he took this up with the centre after talking to his constituents.

“During Partition, people were given shelter in the state’s Terai region (now Uttarakhand). They worked hard. Now the region is the state’s rice bowl, ” he said.

“I have spoken to the people of Bilaspur. They are happy to accept Sikh and Hindu families who have been displaced from Afghanistan because of the Taliban. The families can be given agricultural land on contract by the state to ensure their life is back on track, ” he added.

The community is also setting up three Guru Granth Sahibs at Gurdwaras in Bilaspur. “We consider the Guru Granth Sahib as a living Guru. Its daily recitation is mandatory. After our initiative, I am sure other states will also offer to help rehabilitate our brothers and sisters from Afghanistan.” said Aulakh.

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