Mon. Feb 26th, 2024

With the Ram fervour permeating the ambiance, the Fatehgarh jail administration in Uttar Pradesh’s Farrukhabad, has put apart the common stamp meant for figuring out guests and has been stamping guests’ palms with a pink ‘Jai Sri Ram’ ink stamp.

This apply has been in place for every week, in keeping with jail superintendent Bhimsen Mukund.

Mukund justified it saying, “As a part of rehabilitation efforts, the jail is organising non secular rituals like ‘Sundarkand’ recital and providing block printing coaching underneath the ‘One District, One Product’ scheme.

Hindu and Muslim inmates are additionally collaborating on block printing non secular flags related to Lord Ram, that are being given to guests as items.

Mukund additional stated, “We kept changing the design of the stamp due to security reasons. This is not the first time we used such stamps. We used ‘Happy Diwali’ stamps during the festival. When a family member, friend or a relative comes to meet a prisoner, the ‘Jai Sri Ram’ stamp is placed in his hand.”

“Following the orders of the prison headquarters, on January 22, the prisoners watched a live broadcast of the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony. A large screen was put up at the meeting place for this. Sundarkand is being recited by prisoners inside the jail for a week. There will be ‘bhajan kirtan’ and distribution of ‘prasad’ along with ‘bhandara’ as well, ” he added.

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