Sat. Dec 2nd, 2023

Bengaluru- Continuing his attack on the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the poll-bound state of Karnataka, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Monday asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to explain all the action he took to stop corruption in the state.

Addressing a huge public rally in Hassan, Rahul Gandhi said: “The BJP first stole your government and then, through the government, it stole money from you. Now, the PM gives speeches here. But the truth is that he knew about all the corruption that took place in Karnataka in the last three years.

“If even a six-year-old child in Karnataka knows it, the PM must also be aware of it. So, I ask him — what action have you taken to stop corruption in Karnataka in the last three years? And, against how many people did you take action?” Rahul Gandhi questioned.

“Ask any kid of Karnataka — what is the name of the government? He will tell you ’40 per cent Sarkar’. Everyone knows this. The Contractors’ Association wrote to the PM telling him about the 40 per cent commission; he may have read the letter but didn’t give any reply. Dingaleshwar Swami ji says that 30 per cent commission was taken from his mutt, and he was given a 10 per cent discount, ” he said.

Rahul Gandhi further said: “In the Mysore Sandal soap scandal, a BJP MLA’s son was caught with cash. There were scams in recruitment of Police Sub-Inspectors, Asst. Professors, Asst. Engineers. There was a Cooperative Bank scam.

“Modi ji, please talk about these issues in your speeches. You come here and say that ‘Congress attacked me’. Please also tell what you did for Karnataka in the last 3 years. Here, the question is not about the PM. It is about Karnataka’s youth, farmers and women, ” he said.

Posing another question to PM Modi, the former Congress president said: “Modi ji, what action did you take when violence took place at Karnataka-Maharashtra border? How did you help Karnataka in the matter of the water dispute between Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka?

“When we give speeches, we take the names of our leaders. Like I showed respect to Congress leaders before starting my speech. We talked about Siddaramaiah ji, Shivakumar ji, Kharge ji, Parameshwar ji. You (addressing the PM) come to Karnataka but don’t talk about your leaders. You don’t even take the name of Yeddyurappa ji or Bommai ji. Take the names of BJP leaders also in your speeches, they will feel good. Respect them as well, ” he said.

Rahul Gandhi said that the Congress has laid out a roadmap for Karnataka for the next five years.

“We have brought out these schemes after talking to the public. Congress is going to give 5 revolutionary schemes to the people. We are going to put the money, looted from them by the BJP, back in their pockets, ” he said.

“BJP leaders love the number 40. They took a 40 per cent commission in every work. Make them remember this ’40’ number. For 3 years, they made you remember the ’40’ number. Give them 40 seats in elections and Congress has to be given at least 150 seats because if we get less than 150 seats, the BJP will again try to ‘steal’ the government. Teach a lesson to the BJP, ” Rahul Gandhi told the people.

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