Thu. Sep 21st, 2023

New Delhi-A day after his bail was extended by sessions court in Surat, Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday questioned the money trail in Adani companies.

Gandhi arrived at the Congress office here for the central election committee (CEC) meeting, which will finalise the remaining 100 candidates for Karnataka Assembly elections.

When asked about the BJP’s allegation of pressuring the judiciary, he responded, “why do you ask what BJP says… the only question is whose Rs 20, 000 crore money is in Adani shell companies.”

Gandhi, who was on Monday given bail in a criminal defamation case, where he has been convicted and sentenced, said that “truth” is his “weapon in this struggle”.

In a series of tweets in Hindi, Gandhi said that it was “a fight to save democracy” and against “mitra kaal”, and “in this struggle, truth is my weapon and truth is my shelter”.

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