CHANDIGARH: Former Deputy Speaker, Punjab Vidhan Sabha and Senior Vice-President, Shiromani Akali Dal (Sanyukt), Mr. Bir Devinder Singh said in a press release today that sadly, even after 552 years, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) is still not able to adorn the portrait of Guru Nanak’s first follower, Rai Bular Bhatti Sahib in the historic Central Sikh Museum at Sri Harmandir Sahib Complex, Àmritsar.

In a statement issued here today, Mr. Bir Devinder Singh said that though the portrait of Guru Nanak’s first follower, Rai Bular Bhatti Sahib in the historic Central Sikh Museum at Sri Harmandir Sahib Complex should have been adorned on the auspicious occasions of the centenary celebrations of 500th or 550th Prakash Utsav of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in a befitting manner.

“Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) should have done this ceremony on these two occasions in the presence of the descendant families of Rai Bular Bhatti Sahib’s, ” added Mr. Bir Devinder Singh.
It is pertinent to mention here that all the Bhatti families of Rai Bular Sahib’s Bhatti lineage are settles around the areas around Nankana Sahib.
Mr. Bir Devinder Singh said that Rai Bular Bhatti, the first Muslim follower of Guru Nanak and a recipient of Guru Nanak’s blessings, had to be remembered in a dignified manner especially on auspicious occasions like while celebrating the birth centenary of Guru Nanak Dev ji.
However, surprisingly, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee does not consider it appropriate to remember such important things, especially the great men like Rai Bular Bhatti Sahib on special occasions, added Mr. Bir Devinder Singh.
He said that the Sikh leadership has made a big mistake for not taking such an important initiative and now this error needs to be rectified immediately, in the right manner and perspective. Mr. Bir Devinder Singh further said that Sikh Sangat should always remember that Rai Bular Bhatti Sahib while recognizing the spiritual greatness of Guru Nanak Sahib and paying homage to his divine aura, donated half of his total land area of (39000) acres, that is around 18500 acres to Guru Nanak Dev Ji. It’s an acknowledged fact that even today this entire land area stand in the name of ‘Baba Nanak’ in the ownership column of Pakistan’s revenue records, ” said Mr. Bir Devinder Singh.
“I believe that Sikhs all over the world will be glorified if still, Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee humbli corrects its mistake and politely pays homage to Rai Bular Sahib by offering Khiraz-e-Aqeedat, ” he added.
He said that a suitable date should be fixed and a special function should be organized for this purpose in consultation with all the Ahl-e-Khana (Descendants )of the eighteenth and nineteenth generations of Rai Bular’s dynasty who are presently residing all around Nankana Sahib.
“For this function, a written invitation should be sent to all the Ahl-e-Khana ( Descendants) of Rai Bular Bhatti Sahib who are keenly interested in participating in this function. The portrait of Sh. Rai Bular Bhatti must be adequately and prominently affixed In their presence, at the Central Sikh museum ” asserted Mr. Bir Devinder Singh.

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