Even as the police continue to take action against them, youngsters, who perform dangerous stunts in vehicles to make the reel viral on social media, refuse to budge risking not only their lives but of others as well.

In the last two months, such cases have increased three times. FIRs are being registered against the owners and vehicles are being seized, yet such videos are flooding social media platforms. In the last four months this year, 75 cases of making stunt videos have come to the fore.

Most of the cases have been reported in the last two months as about 44 such cases have come to light. Along with imposing heavy fines on owners, their vehicles have been seized and FIRs have been filed. The lowest 7 cases came in January. The number increased to 14 in February and then gradually these cases kept increasing every month.

In the past, videos of two Scorpio drivers went viral in Noida, in which stunts are being performed. The first video is being said to be of the expressway, while the second video is being investigated by the police.

The first video is of 14 seconds, in which a young man is performing a dangerous stunt by opening the front gate of the black coloured Scorpio. He is driving in a zigzag manner at high speed. The traffic police has issued a challan of Rs 37, 000 on the basis of the number of the Scorpio.

The second video is of nine seconds. In this video, a young man sitting on the driver’s seat of a gray coloured Scorpio is displaying a pistol by putting his hand out of the window. Another young man is seen hanging on the back gate and firing with a pistol. This video is also said to be of Noida.

DCP Traffic Anil Kumar Yadav says that whenever such cases come before the police, they take strict action and impose the maximum challan. He said that even before this videos have been going viral in Noida.

But for the past several days, the trend of youths making reels with pistols has increased, be it a real pistol or fake. He says that as soon as the video goes viral on social media, the police automatically take cognizance of it and this action will continue.

He stated that youths do perform stunts like this to become famous and to assert their supremacy. But this puts their lives as well as the lives of others at risk.

He said that till now challans ranging from Rs 5, 000 to Rs 37, 000 have been issued. But still such cases are coming up continuously. The police are trying to take stricter action against such people so that the youths stop doing such dangerous stunts.

In the initial period, it was seen that the youths used to make reels by doing stunts or from places which made their real look different, and they can get more and more likes and views. But now, it is being seen that along with stunts, the trend of making reels while waving arms with pistol in hand is also increasing.

The trend of driving vehicles while waving arms is a hit among the youth these days. Hundreds of such videos are going viral on social media, in which youths are seen making reels while waving their arms in vehicles. Such cases are continuously increasing in the district as well.

According to the traffic police, in the last two months, more than a dozen such incidents have come to light, in which a case has been registered in the concerned police station and the process of strict action is going on.

Many incidents have come to light in the last 15 days in Noida. According to a video that went viral on April 15, stunts were being performed sitting on the bonnet of a car. In this case, the police have issued a challan of Rs 25, 000. The second video surfaced on April 19, in which a young man was seen performing stunts on a bike in front of a police post, in which the police issued a challan of Rs 18, 500.

A challan of Rs 2000 was issued on April 21 when the video of a bike riding girl’s stunt went viral. A challan of Rs 25, 500 was issued on April 28 when the video of waving arms in a car went viral. On May 1, the video of a car driver waving arms went viral, in which a challan of Rs 37000 was issued.

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