Ludhiana: A living testimony to the famous saying that age is just a number, Kunwarpratap Singh who is just 3 and half years old has secured his names in India Book of Records, International Book of Records, and selected in Child Prodigy Magazine for his sharpest memory.

At this tender age, Kunwarpratap Singh is a student of Sacred Heart Convent School in Sarabha Nagar. With his extraordinary memory skills, Kunwarpratap has surpassed the intellect of grade V students and knows tables of 1 to 40, Capitals of all countries of the world, multiples of any number, prime numbers. 

His passion for books is reflected in the fluency in his reading books and spoken language. He can comfortably pronounce long words and has a good reading speed. His amazing skills to solve multiplication, subtraction, and division sums orally left everyone stunned.

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